How to enable tick list updates to Facebook? | 27 Crags - support

How to enable tick list updates to Facebook?

You can let 27 Crags publish automatically your tick list and photo updates to Facebook. To enable tick list update to Facebook do as follows:

  1. Go to our website and login to your account
  2. Open your settings from top right menu and select Privacy tab
  3. Under the header Facebook settings, you should see two options Share my tick list updates to Facebook and optionally Share my photo updates to Facebook (if not, then connect your Facebook account by pressing the button under the header)
  4. Check the options you wish and press Save
  5. Then log out from 27 Crags and re-login to 27 Crags with Facebook
  6. If Facebook asks you for permissions to publish your wall, answer OK.
That's it. When you add ascents to your tick list, they will update to Facebook in 15 minutes.


Facebook settings in 27 Crags


Facebook will ask you for permission to publish your wall. Answer OK.