Why the .premium model was introduced? | 27 Crags - support

Why the .premium model was introduced?

27 Crags team has been working many years for the website and invested a lot of free time and private money to have it running. What has been free for users, has become very expensive for the team running it.
This led to the point where a decision needed to be made. Either the service is put down and the website and app wouldn’t exists anymore, or something is changed. 27 Crags team believed that there has to be a good way to continue the story, and that’s when .premium was introduced.

The main point with .premium is not only to secure resources for maintaining the app and website, but also to create even better topos and support the local climbing development. 50% of the income from .premium subscriptions goes to the topo makers consisting of local topo authors, bolters, climbing area developers and enthusiasts. This money supports them in developing and maintaining climbing areas and the information about them for all of us to enjoy.

If you wish to read a more comprehensive analysis of this, feel free to check out our blogpost about the topic here.